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Maxims for Magic

There are certain moments in our lives which are priceless, sparked with love and sealed by its unforgettable, unique and precious qualities. Be it that serendipitous first meeting; the charming and funny first date or that kiss on the last day of December.

Wendy Lor's beautiful jewellery has been part and parcel of many such magical moments. Her creations have been the focal point of such significant instances, whether a singular present that speaks truly from the heart or an extraordinary proposal with a ring crafted especially for a beloved partner.

Those moments come about the melding of her customers' vision and Wendy Lor's creativity, skill and her firm belief in Seven Core Values. In that single moment for all eternity comes these values which reflect the necessary processes which go into her work as an artisan, as well as the meaningful symbols her creations represent in themselves.

Seven Core Values

  • Integrity for truth to one's self
  • Passion for hardwork
  • Focus for dedication & commitment
  • Patience for excellence
  • Openness for ease and pleasant surprises
  • Gratitude for humility and giving thanks
  • Teaching & Sharing for paying forward

The Artisan believes that with these seven core values, her craft and trade remain pure. Her life is filled with peace, serenity and a sense of purpose. She shares her strong beliefs with her fellow artisans, her customers, and those who with to join the jewellery trade.

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