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An Artisan's Ancestry - A 3rd-Generation Jeweller

Born into a family of jewellers, Wendy Lor remembers the first time she traipsed into her grandfather's old workshop in Petaling Jaya Old Town. She was four years old, and immediately entranced by the setting of gemstones, the rolling mills and the flattened sheets around her. In the 1950's her grandfather was renowned as 'The Problem Solver' for metals and jewellery around town, a point of reference for other jewellers who needed assistance on their pieces.

In later years leading up to her undergraduate studies in Visual Arts she never envisioned herself as a maker of jewellery. One fateful day however, a realisation dawned upon her. She could not keep away from the projects that required fine crafting and design, and drifted naturally, fatefully, to her family's craft. Her father, also a dedicated jeweller, would later mentor her in the discipline and values needed in the trade, emphasising workmanship, precision and above all else, integrity.

Armed with her family's teachings and the passion for her craft, this artisan continues to make exclusive pieces for customers. This is not just a place of trade. For Wendy Lor, it is a workshop of art life, reflected in the heartfelt pieces she creates for her customers.

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