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Water Series

The Water Series collection echoes the ethereal and luminous qualities of one of nature’s essential elements, water. In its fluid form, water is constantly in motion, morphing from liquid to vapor. Its liquidity encapsulates the yin qualities that in Chinese culture are synonymous with the feminine, the mysterious, the nurturing and the alluring. As vapor, it resonates with life-giving energy.

Earrings, pendants, rings, bangles and chokers in this series are encrusted with cold enamel to simulate water droplets and perfected with lilac amethyst, pink tourmaline and aquamarine semi-precious stones. These stones have been chosen for the feminine energy they exude: insight, spiritual wisdom, serenity, tranquility, confidence, compassion and self-awareness.

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With the Rhythm collection, silver is allowed to playfully twist and turn and find its own form. Pools of silver are allowed to stagnate, expand and flow at will. Each piece has a cadence of its own; a tempo and a beat to echo the complexity of the woman who wears it.

With the Swirl collection, silver is twisted and teased to form an intricate yet continuous motion; a heady intoxicating flow that is as intense as it is gentle and swaying. In doing so, the silver metal is arrested in its liquid state.

Jewels of
the Sea

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With the Jewels of the Sea collection, Wendy’s shares her passion for diving
and captures the beauty of the Malaysian underwater world. Coral fronds of silver frolic playfully amid ribbons of silver seaweed. Carefully chosen semi-precious stones entwine and embrace this mélange
of life, awakening the heart and inspiring the soul.
Wendy Lor's Classics are special because they reflect the Artisan's journey in the past two decades as a jewellery artist. Wendy's Classics are pieces that hold pride of place in the heart of the artisan. Be it an intricately designed piece of jewellery or a lesson in the simple fluidity of precious
metal, each piece is about using her skills to capture a feeling or a memory for eternity.
Jewels of The Sea
Wendy's Classics

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